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Locanda dell'Istrice







Wheel chair holidays

The "Stable"

Mini apartment with bathroom and little kitchen.

Double bed room, view on the beautiful hills, living room with little kitchen, separate sleeping room, bath room, separate private terrace. Suitable for persons on wheel chair. For 2-4 persons.

Ved room



Living area

Private terrace


On the ground floor it was possible to design the mini apartment as wheelchair friendly as possible, so that is what we tried to do. We followed the technical requirements but mainly listened to advice from friends in wheelchairs.

We probably can’t cater to everyone’s needs, but we focussed on the following

·               Access: sturdy path made of stone with minimum slope, wide doorway and flat entrance

·                Floor: antique stone tiles, not slippery

·                Space to move around the bed and other furniture

·                Kitchen furnitures underdriveable 

·                Spacious bathroom with handles on either side of the toilet, large roll-in shower with handles, sink suitable for wheelchair users

·               Shower stool available on request, of course free of charge

·               Large outdoor space

Please view property plan for more details.